How Do You Choose a Restaurant POS (Point-of-Sale) System?

With so many choices of POS systems out on the market, choosing the right restaurant pos system for your business can be an exciting but also very daunting task. Although there are many similarities between the various POS systems, no two systems are built the same. For the time being, the holy grail of all POS systems has yet to be discovered.

Merchants who are struggling to choose a POS system often times find themselves juggling between the pros and cons of each of their choices. We’ve scoured some of our favorite online forums and aggregated the most important concerns merchants face when searching for the right POS system for their business.

1. Helpful Customer Support
The number 1 biggest concern of settling with a POS provider is having access to helpful customer support. Procuring a POS system is really only half the battle. Your potential provider should always be willing to guide you through whatever concerns or questions you may have when an issue arises.

2. System Stability/Security
It goes without saying that when choosing a restaurant POS system, it is necessary to go with a system that is PA-DSS (Payment Application Data Security Standard) compliant. This helps keep your system safe from fraudsters, data thieves, and breaches.

Also be sure to do your research and check with other users who have used the platform. If users have complaints about frequent unsolvable glitches and bugs, you may want to reconsider your choice.

3. Pricing
Pricing for POS Systems can largely vary and range from as low as $400 to as high as $10,000! When comparing prices between units, be on the lookout for added fees for POS accessories that may or may not be included. Check with your provider to see if things like a cash box, POS stand, barcode scanner, or credit card reader would be an added expense.

4. Ability to Integrate With Other Software
This tip may not apply to every business but it is indeed a perk that you may want to consider. If your restaurant is heavily dependent on programs like Excel or Outlook, you may want to look out for a platform that can readily integrate with those programs. This added functionality can help make your transition to a POS system a breeze!

5. Integrated Credit Card Processing
Being able to swipe and process credit card transactions straight from your RESTAURANT POS SYSTEM is a necessity when it comes to streamlining restaurant operations. Be sure to check with the POS provider and make sure that the system will not have any issue integrating with your current merchant service provider.

If you are not setup with a merchant service provider yet, the friendly folks at US Bankcard Services, Inc. can get you set down the right path!

6. Advanced Data Analytics and Reporting
Processing transactions have come a long way since the days of the old cash register. Nowadays, POS systems are equipped with advanced analytics and reporting that help merchants see how well the restaurant has been performing. Some POS reports are more dynamic than others, so be sure to check which reports will be most useful for your restaurant.

Other Useful Bells and Whistles

Your restaurant pos system will be your most powerful tool when it comes to managing your restaurant. POS functions like inventory, shift, and tip management can help make running your business a much easier process. Overall, deciding on a restaurant pos system involves a lot of patience and research, but if done properly, you can easily save yourself from many future headaches.

Still haven’t decided on which POS system is right for you? Contact US BANKCARD SERVICES INC. at 888-888-8872 and we would be happy to offer some of our best suggestions!

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