Take Your Business Online with a Merchant Gateway

Merchant Gateways Are Key To Selling Your Products Online
Do you have a product that you would like to start selling online? If so, it is important to consider all the steps that are required to get your e-commerce business up and off the ground.

Aside from building a website to host your products, your website will also require a merchant gateway to connect the dots between your shopping cart and your payment processing company. Merchant gateways are e-commerce website applications that allow for fast and secure communications between a merchant’s website and their payment processors.

Having a Merchant gateway helps to streamline the sometimes hectic e-commerce environment by alleviating the amount of manual work that is required for processing online orders.

Benefits of Merchant Gateway Integration
Merchants who integrate Gateways onto their website reap many benefits from taking their store online. Online stores do not operate under normal business hours and instead are available to accept orders from the comfort of their home 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. This key difference vastly broadens a merchant’s customer base and allows them to oftentimes experience exponential growth within the business.

Having a merchant gateway also enables merchants to accept a variety of different payment methods: Mail Order / Telephone Orders (MOTO), Face to Face Transactions (key-entered transactions), and e-commerce Transactions.

What to Look for in a Merchant Gateway Provider
With the recent explosive growth of e-commerce websites came a corresponding growth of Merchant Gateway options. With so many options available on the internet of things, it can be a daunting task to hone in on a Merchant Gateway option that is best for your business needs.

Bottom line, the most appealing choices will be those that are most affordable for your business model but be sure to not overlook other important factors as well. Nothing can tarnish a business’ reputation faster than fraud and data leaks so be sure to go with a reputable payment gateway that guarantees a secure transaction.

Elavon’s Converge gateway is one of our favorite gateways as it offers a special encryption called Tokenization which helps to simplify merchant PCI-DSS compliances.

Another handy benefit that makes Converge popular with US BANKCARD SERVICES INC. is the ability to integrate tip management into their gateway. This is especially useful for business models that require tip management like: restaurants, beauty salons, spas, bars, and other services oriented establishments.

Ultimately, finding a Merchant Gateway that offers easy access and is overall easy to use will be most beneficial for your business. Not every gateway is built the same so be sure to do your research and find a provider that will best suit your needs.

Still not sure of what gateway is best for your business? Contact US Bankcard Services Inc. and we can get you set on the path to making money even while you sleep!

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