5 Reasons Why Having an Online Ordering System Can Boost Your Restaurant’s Business

Can Having an Online Ordering System Really Boost Your Restaurant?

If you are looking for ways to increase business for your restaurant but have not yet considered utilizing an Online Ordering System, it may be time to reconsider. Taken on face value, many restaurant owners underestimate the underlying marketing power of a Restaurant Online Ordering System.

By definition, an Online Ordering System is in fact a system that allows restaurants to take online orders.

Obvious, right? However, with the capacity to accept online orders come many other benefits that restaurant owners may fail to consider. In this article, we’ve listed 5 often overlooked reasons to start using a Restaurant Online Ordering System to boost your restaurant’s performance.

1. Having a Website with an Online Ordering System Can Build Up a Solid Online Presence

Welcome to the 21st century, where we have the world at our fingertips through our desktop and mobile devices. Now with so much search being conducted online, not having a website to represent your restaurant is almost like saying that you do not want the restaurant to be found!

A study conducted by the National Restaurant Association (NRA) states that over 87% of adults utilize restaurant technology, like smartphone apps or online ordering services, to look up important restaurant information. Having a good online presence means that those people will have no problem in finding your business!

2. Online Orders Help to Streamline Restaurant and Customer Operations

Having an Online Ordering System offers benefits to both the restaurateur as well as the customer. Customers now have the convenient ability to order their favorite dishes from the comfort of their own homes without needing to place orders with a busy restaurant employee over the phone.

When orders are placed online, they are sent directly to the restaurant kitchen’s printer/fax machine. This feature helps to eliminate frustration with complicated orders while assuring that the order is exactly what the customer wanted.

3. Orders Made Online Tend to Produce Larger Tickets As Opposed To Phone Orders

Recent studies have shown that orders taken online can tend to be up to 30% higher than orders received by a walk-in or by a phone order. The reasoning behind this seemingly miraculous phenomenon was mentioned in the subject above: customer convenience.

There is a strong upward correlation between ticket prices and the comfort of a customer. A 30% increase in ticket prices can easily be the difference between making and breaking a restaurant. Therefore, customer convenience should be considered as one of the most impact restaurant marketing tools available!

4. More and More Customers are Using Smartphones to Place Orders

This cannot be emphasized enough: If you run a restaurant, you must have a mobile responsive website. Nowadays, with so many people conducting so much of their online search from their smartphones, restaurants now need to make themselves available for mobile searches.

A study by the Interactive Advertising Bureau states that 69% of all mobile users use their phones to place orders at their favorite restaurants. When customers land on a website that is not accommodating to smartphone usage, many users will bounce right off of the page out of frustration.

Do you see a trend here? Clearly, customers place more orders when it is most convenient for them. A Restaurant Online Ordering system is your bridge between restaurant and customer.

With sure3 Online Restaurant Solutions, restaurant owners have access to tons of valuable data that can help improve their business strategies. Watch the video to learn more.

5. Online Ordering Systems Provide Valuable Restaurant Analytics and Data Reporting

Another benefit to using an Online Ordering System comes in the form of what customers cannot see. When deciding to work with an online ordering service provider, be sure to check the richness of their Analytics and Data Reporting.

A good data report would include useful information like: busy days/hours, income over time, order amount distribution, or popular dishes. This key information is often times overlooked by the un-savvy restaurateur but can prove to be a valuable asset when it comes to optimizing business performance.

Having a good data report can help with overall restaurant strategy. With this information, restaurateurs can effectively strategize promotions to fill in on gaps that they didn’t even know were there!

If there is one key take away to remember from all of this, it is this: when customers are at ease with placing orders, they are more likely to order more. Implementing the use of an Online Ordering System puts you one step closer to achieving that goal. Therefore, why wait?

Give online ordering a go and experience new heights with your business. sure3 is an online ordering service that we recommend for anyone looking to get their restaurant online.

Give them a call at (888) 888-8500 and they can build your online ordering website just the way you want it!

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