USBSI Named Top Producer at the Elavon Awards 2014!

USBSI once again excelled at the 2014 Elavon MSP Conference – an annual awarding event hosted by the leading nationwide payment processor. Along with the awards received this year, With winning this year, we are the only MSP who has achieved 5 Elavon Arch Awards (2010-2014), over 53 various awards, and 7 nationwide 1st Place awards since 2001.

Choose a company with an award-winning heritage, a company for all your payment processing needs.

Awards won by USBSI this year include:

(1) Elavon Arch Award: a special recognition award given to MSPs who have surpassed 1.5 billion dollars in transaction volume.

(2) 1st Place- West Coast Region, FDD Top Producer: the MPS had the highest number of new accounts out of all Elavon MSPs on the West Coast.

(3) 2nd Place- Overall Channel, Portfolio Top Producer: the MSP placed second in aggregate transaction volume of overall accounts compared to all Elavon MSPs nationwide.

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