We reached 25,000 sure3 Android App downloads!

This year, USBSI went on a journey to take on new challenges.

We have reached several milestones with our partner, sure3 and yet we are celebrating another new record for reaching 25,000 sure3 Android App downloads!

It all started with an idea, the passion to bring new solutions to help business owners, and a great team effort to make it all happen. We want to thank our valued merchants, our USBSIers, and our fans for all of your support. Join us as we continue to take more challenges on new journeys to make the impossible, possible.

今年,美信商務迎向嶄新挑戰!繼sure3 iOS版本的APP破一萬之後,sure3 Android版的 App 也在今天達到25000下載目標。這個數字得來並不輕鬆但也不意外,感謝所有商家支持,以及美信商務同仁,讓這個數字能夠一步一腳印的發生!這股力量也將繼續推動我們迎向下個挑戰,再造新的里程!

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