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Let’s Choose Your Terminal!

Did you realize that USBSI provides and supports a wide selection of credit card equipment, payment software, payment gateways complimented by competitive rates and fees. No matter what kind of business you have, we have the credit card processing solution for you.

USBSI established proprietary relationships with our equipment manufacturers to sell more of their products to become one of their authorized resellers.

As an authorized reseller we can deliver the specific features and benefits that are vital to the success of your business in today’s ever changing market place for Merchant Account Services.

shutterstock_479173159The two main terminal type connections are POS and Wireless. USBSI offers a wide variety card processing Terminals for businesses. By using these types of terminals merchants reduce the risk of fraudulent transactions since the customer’s card is at the merchant location. These terminals are used for swipe transactions. However, keyed transactions can also be done.

POS Terminals or Point of Sale Terminals are the preferred way of processing credit cards, debit cards, checks, smart chip cards, electronic benefits transfer (EBT), and other electronically submitted transactions in a traditional merchant environment.

The terminals are used in “face-to-face or card present” transactions. These terminals usually connect to Merchant Service Center by using dial-up or an Ethernet connection. The POS type terminals are generally desktop which provide a large memory capacity, multiple payment functions, rapid transaction processing, summary and detailed reporting. All of these will help your accounting department, are easy to use so that you can quickly train your staff and are all compliant with the new PCI-DSS industry regulations.

The other main types of terminals are Wireless Terminals which are generally hand-held terminals or integrated smart phone terminals.

shutterstock_460183267These terminals do the mainly the same as the POS but offer virtually complete mobility. Mobility could increase sales, save time, and reduce operating expenses. Consider one of our wireless credit card terminals for your mobile trade-shows or other temporary locations. You don’t have to worry about where to find electrical outlets or phone ports, just turn it on and you are in business!

USBSI currently offers the following wireless solutions:

Verifone – Vx670
Verifone – Nurit 8000S
Verifone – PayWare for iPhone (click cool tip for cell phone users)

Businesses that would benefit from use of Wireless Terminals:

  • Taxis/Limousine Services
  • Catering/Food Trucks
  • Entertainers
  • Delivery Services – Pizza, Grocery, Packages, Courier, Flowers, Furniture
  • Cleaning/Janitorial Services
  • Trade Shows/Conventions/Booths
  • Fundraisers/Non-Profit Organizations
  • Any other Mobile Merchants

No matter what type or size of your business, our merchant equipment is the perfect fit for your credit card processing needs. Now, receive a free loaner terminal when you sign up for a USBSI merchant service account!

To find out more about your industry and our service, please call us at 888-525-8558 or on the web at

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