Japan’s Earthquake/Tsunami Relief

USBSI extends its condolences to all those affected by the March 11, 2011 Japan earthquake and tsunami especially to the victims and their families. This natural disaster has taken the lives of over 10,000 people, and affects millions worldwide. Those affected in the USBSI family include our employees, our merchants, and our friends and families.

USBSI believes it is the time for all peoples to band together and unite as one to offer help and relief to these disaster victims.

For information on where and how to donate, please visit http://www.usbsi.com or http://www.redcross.org, or for useful information check Huffington Post, CNN, Yahoo and Google.

Emergency Sources:

Map http://catastrophemap.com/
Emergency Info http://www.homelandsecurity.noaa.gov/
ChooseEnergy https://www.chooseenergy.com/emergency-preparedness-elderly/
Cali-based http://www.earthquakecountry.info/dropcoverholdon/
FEMA https://www.safety.com/are-you-ready-for-an-emergency-emergency-kit-essentials/

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