Preventing Hacking, Hijacking, Phishing, SPAM and Fraud: 5 safety tips for using a public computer (Part 2 of 4)

…Continuing our merchant service provider series we will review computer high jacking: As a merchant you must be aware of the pitfalls associated with card processing.

Public computers in libraries, Internet cafes, airports, and copy shops can be safe if you follow a few simple rules when you use them.

  1. Don’t save your logon information: Always log out of websites by clicking “log out” on the site. It’s not enough to simply close the browser.
  2. Don’t leave the computer unattended with sensitive information on the screen: If you have to leave the public computer, log out of all programs and close all windows that might display sensitive information.
  3. Erase your tracks: Most browsers offers InPrivate browsing that leaves no trace of specific web activity.
  4. Disable the feature that stores passwords before you go to the web: A browser feature “remembers” your passwords. For example, in Internet Explorer,
    1. click Tools
    2. Click Internet Options
    3. Click the Content tab
    4. Click Settings, next to AutoComplete
    5. Click to clear both check boxes having to do with passwords.
  5. Delete your temporary Internet files and your history: For example, in Internet Explorer,
    1. click Tools
    2. Click Internet Options
    3. Click the Browsing History
    4. Check all boxes
    5. Click delete
  6. Watch for over-the-shoulder snoops: When you use a public computer, be on the lookout for thieves who look over your shoulder or watch as you enter sensitive passwords to collect your information. Don’t enter sensitive information into a public computer. These measures provide some protection against casual hackers who use a public computer after you have.

If you really want to be safe, avoid typing your credit card number or any other financial or otherwise sensitive information into any public computer…Good Luck and Be Safe!

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