Community Interest: Our Interest: Facebook:: Children’s Brain Tumor Pledge

U.S. Bankcard Services, Inc. (USBSI) has always taken an active role in its merchant community and charitable causes. As USBSI develops it social media platform, it has been able to share its desire to help within the community, and now it is able to show its community involvement in ways never imagined before.

As a merchant credit card services provider, USBSI is quite unique in how it gives back to the community. USBSI has always given back to its merchant community as seen in CRN Top 100 and CCYP Asian Expo sponsorship, but few people know that it has been giving to charitable causes. One such cause is the Pediatric Brain Tumor Foundation.

This foundation seeks to help children and young people cope with the fear and suffering connected to brain tumors while at the same time seeking affordable, non-evasive treatments and in the end, cures. USBSI is proud to be a part of such an outstanding cause.

USBSI has set up a Facebook page for this donation (disclaimer: must be a Facebook member); USBSI’s goal is raise $10,000 between now until May 1st, 2011. To access and show your support by donating $1, please follow us on Facebook and learn more about USBSI Community Ethos.

To find out more about your industry and our services, please call us at 888-525-8558 or on the web at Visit us on Facebook to see the latest company updates.

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