Preventing Hacking, Hijacking, Phishing, SPAM and Fraud: Part 1 – The Basic Practices

Tis’ the season to commit fraud tra-la-la la-la-la-la. In this brave, new cyber-world the game has changed and keeps on changing but the criminal mind has not.

Cyber-crime reaches annual highs during the holiday season and the credit card industry is not immune to this. You would be amazed, (or perhaps not), at how many people know how to hack into your data. There are unscrupulous hackers everywhere and it’s important that you learn how you can prevent hackers from getting into your data.

What Can the Ordinary Person Do to Prevent Hacking into Your Site?

The simplest thing you can do is get a very good antivirus and anti-spyware program installed and keep it running all the time. Be sure you have the best firewall you can get in place as well. Check the list of programs that are currently ‘exceptions’ and remove them from the exceptions list if you aren’t using them or don’t use them often.

This antivirus software should be of good quality and one that updates to your pc regularly…and doesn’t depend on you hunting for updates.

Operating systems, such as Microsoft, are more susceptible to hackers. This is because so many people purchase personal computers that have the Microsoft Windows operating system already installed. Be sure you have the Windows Update set up to continually check for security updates.

All operating systems can get viruses, including MAC and Linux, and can be attacked by hackers so don’t get complacent. Operating systems update security as the need is discovered, so be In general, follow good safe computer use habits and the Holiday Season will be Happy, Merry and Profitable.

To speak with a PCI-DSS / Security Consultant, please call us at 888-525-8558.

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