Terminals & Mobility

Are You Mobile?

Mobile Terminals, sometimes called wireless terminals or portable terminals are a great way to increase sales revenue and to offer convenience to your clients. There are many such terminals in the payment card industry today.

Do you know which one to choose?

First thing: you should do is assess your needs: Does your business have any situation for mobility? For example: Are you involved in industries like Restaurants, which deliver or cater, or Construction or Pest Control or Door-to-Door Sales or Mobile Pet Grooming or Arena/ Stadiums…anything that is ‘Mobile’.

Second thing: Is check for PCI-DSS for software and hardware compliance, reception & battery/charge life.

Third thing is: Look at OEM industry leaders like VeriFone, which carries wireless terminals and PAYware for iPhone, or Verifone’s Nuruit, a hand-held wireless terminal with built-in printer.

Final Step: let your clients enjoy the convenience and let yourself enjoy the new revenue. Special

Notice, USBSI is now running a PAYware promotion: Apply and be approved for a PAYware account and receive a $50 gift. Inquire soon to get your Mobile PAYware solution.

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