What is M-Commerce?

Back in the late 80’s to early 90’s the latest and greatest credit card processing machine for a merchant to have was one that actually had the printer built right in.

The electronic payments industry has come quite a long way since those days.

Now, M(obile)-Commerce allows merchants to conduct a credit card transaction directly through their mobile phone, personal digital assistant or any other type of hand held device by either swiping a card or key entering the transaction info.

All the user needs is a connection to the internet.

M-Commerce accommodates those merchants who travel for business, have limited space or whose business prevents them from keeping a terminal plugged in at all times. Obviously M-Commerce is not for everyone, but if your restaurant delivers to-go orders, if you’re a Landscaper, a General Contractor or maybe even run a taxi or limousine service, you may want to consider this form of processing. For more information and to see if

M-Commerce is right for you, contact a U.S. Bankcard Services, Inc. representative today at 888-525-8558.

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