Choosing the Right Credit Card Machine Service Provider

It has been said that about 157 million Americans, or roughly 75% of all adults, rely on credit cards or debit cards when making a purchase. Not having a credit card machine in your store means that you are losing a share of consumers, which may be detrimental to your store.

Ready to place a credit card machine in your shop?

Here are some essential factors to consider when choosing the right credit card machine vendor:

PCI Compliance. Do the credit card machines being offered meet the qualifications set by the Payment Card Industry (PCI)? Be vigilant about choosing a legit credit card machine seller who strictly follows the guidelines set by the Federal Trade Commission.

Better Business Bureau (BBB). Does the merchant service provider have clear records with the BBB? This is important as, no matter how legitimate the merchant provider appears, complaints are unavoidable. Checking with the BBB provides the history of those complaints and whether or not they have been resolved.

Assistance. Make sure that your chosen credit card machine supplier will provide you with proper assistance for the installation and use of the machine. For first timers, knowing the correct way to use the machine can mean more savings as improper usage may incur additional and unnecessary charges or a declined transaction.

Warranty. When purchasing credit card machines, be sure to check if the seller offers warranty service for the machines. Be wary of those who do not offer any warranty service. Read and understand the company’s terms of use and warranty conditions before making the purchase.

Deals and Steals. Credit card processing service providers often offer deals and promotions on credit card machines and terminals. Talk to a customer service representative and request for some as many companies never volunteer the information unless asked.

Merchant providers may offer to lease the credit card machines, have free trials, or bundle supplies like paper rolls or printing heads with the machines.

Know their terms to get the best deal for yourself.

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