Different types of credit card machines

So, you’ve decided on purchasing a credit card machine for your retail business. Good for you!

Credit card machines open up more business opportunities for any entrepreneur. These days, some people shop without cash for as long as they have a credit card. Not having a credit card machine can drive away potential customers, and that is why investing in a credit card machine should always be part of your short term business plans.

Now that you’re ready to get a credit card machine, you need to know that there are different types of credit card machines, each with different features.

Read through the list below to find out which credit card machine is the perfect fit for your business.

1. Standard dial-up terminal. As the name implies, this is the most standard credit card machine unit. This machine works over the phone lines and is one of the more durable types of credit card machines around.

2. Computer software. Unlike having an actual credit card machine, this allows users to process transactions on a computer. An example of this type of credit card processing software is PC Charge.

3. Wireless credit card terminal. This type of credit card machine is practically the same as a standard unit except for the fact that it uses a wireless network, such as GPRS, to operate. Wireless credit card machines are ideal for entrepreneurs on the go. It also allows for credit card transactions for services such as pizza delivery and on locations such as bazaars and trade shows.

4. IP based terminal. An IP based terminal credit card machine utilizes a module inside that allows it to process transactions using an Internet connection instead of a phone line. Thus, this kind of unit works faster than a standard credit card machine. It is ideal for fast paced businesses such as fast food chains or department store counters.

Purchasing a credit card machine requires careful thought.

Visit USBSI.com and get all the help that you need to set up your very own credit card machine.

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