USBSI takes care of retail entrepreneurs’ credit card processing concerns

As an entrepreneur, you will notice that your customers are increasingly relying upon credit cards to pay for their purchases. After all, credit cards are convenient for bulk and on-the-spot purchases. However, credit card processing also has it’s downside. Unlike cash transactions, credit cards require after-purchase follow-up and for this you need a reliable credit card processing partner.

US Bankcard Services, Inc. (USBSI) is your best bet.

As the leading Merchant Services Provider (MSP), USBSI provides retail entrepreneurs affordable and reliable credit card processing solutions including but not limited to credit card processing equipment and software. USBSI provides credit card processing equipment in the form of dependable desktop credit card machines from Hypercom and Verifone; two of the industry’s most trusted and well-known credit card equipment companies.

USBSI offers a turnkey retail package which includes credit card terminals, printers, pin pads and other equipment based on your business’ varying needs.

Credit card processing for your retail business need not be complicated.

Log on to for credit card processing solutions that are tailor fit to your business and budget.

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