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Monday, July 11, 2011

Merchant in America: The Series Episode 1: From the Homeland to the New Land

Lee’s Journey Begins:

Ahh… finally… got my ticket and visa to the land of opportunity…America…seems like …well… it seems unreal…dealing with immigration fees, travel costs…phew… and my own government was not easy…don’t get me started with my family; hardly anyone understood why I am leaving and the people who did understand… well they seemed a bit incredulous or envious or both. Anyhow time to focus on the future of my new business and my success. What do I need? How do I choose correctly? Should I stick with a street storefront , sometimes called bricks and mortar, or go to a digital storefront, sometimes called e-commerce, like my younger friends recommended? Hmm… I have talked to some of my contacts in the USA…they were all pretty excited. They, like me, are not form the US. They recommended I stay in my ethnic community until I feel confident enough to integrate into American culture. I don’t know …I feel like if I don’t jump into US culture right away, I may be stuck here and never leave my cultural securities. Should I live in my countryperson’s community or should I go out of it and try to enter into the real US culture? When in Rome… OK…I will take a chance and live among the citizens of the USA. What I will do is look for business partners who understand my situation as a foreigner? My friends in America have warned me about some of the hurdles I have to jump for not only being a business person, but also being a foreigner with very little English skills.

Are there other supporting businesses for a person like me who wants to become a merchant? Who could help me find my ideal location, how will I build my interior…I have few ideas…but they are just ideas…how do I set up all the technology, how do I advertise, do I need staff, who shall I hire… who will do my processing… or printers or tech set-up ? I have a plan, but I feel overwhelmed. One day at a time…(OK how about one hour at a time). I do know a few good realtors, First thing I will do is secure a small inexpensive place to live, and then I will look for information sources to help me acclimate and assimilate into American society. Maybe I could find a free course in English at community center or something. I may even check out other free classes there. OK. Now I am getting nervous…OK, OK..I will be fine…I will do my best and succeed…this is a promise to myself. I am off to see the realtor for my new living space …hmm maybe the relator could help me find a good shop location…alright I am off…

Tune in later for our friend’s location choices and more adventures of Sam and friends…

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