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Monday, June 27, 2011

Community Interest: Our Interest: The Persona of USBSI

What defines the persona of a business? Is it the people it serves, is it the people who serve, is it the products and services…what is it? Well, at US Bankcard Services we believe it is all of these incarnate in community outreach programs. US Bankcard Services not only prides itself on its premier, innovative MSP offerings, but also on its selfless contributions to the local, national and international communities alike.

We are very involved and intimately connected with our local, national and international communities. These communities include businesses, chambers of commerce, municipalities and so on, but what we really focus the most on is giving back to our communities by charitable involvement.

US Bankcard Services’ president Chris Chang believes deeply in charitable donations, especially ones that give care to children, “US Bankcard Services sees great value in helping the communities locally, nationally and internationally. We have been involved in Asian Youth Center activities and local interests funding for quite some time now. We have donated nationally to charities like Children’s Wishes and also internationally to Taiwan Typhoon Relief and the Red Cross efforts for the Japanese Quake and Tsunami disasters. Recently, we wrapped up a very successful Social Network campaign on Facebook for Pediatric Brain Tumor Foundation, which specializes in cancer research and treatment for young adults and children. We are proud to be a part of our community both in business and in charity… and soon we plan to host a few other charitable and community initiatives …we also have had some Green [sustainable] initiatives and are working on a few new ones.”

So folks US Bankcard Services’ persona is one of excellence and caring – let us be your partner for life.

And finally for those of you who have or wish to have a Facebook page, come follow US Bankcard Services on Facebook. We are interested to learn what you are thinking. If you have any charitable cause or community outreach programs in which we could become involved, please let us know. If you have a Facebook or when you have a Facebook page, please find us by searching “US Bankcard Services.”

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