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Monday, May 2, 2011

PCI: A Reminder for our Valued Merchants

As tax season winds down, we have time to reflect on our victories and our defeats. We also look at the rest of fiscal year has in store for us. As merchants we are aware of operating costs and revenue streams…and we are always looking for a better way to make money and increase our client-base. Of course these are the grander considerations of doing business. As a merchant who accepts credit cards and engages in credit card transacting, we must be vigilant. There are a number of good, sound and safe business practices as noted on our blog that will assist you and your business with mitigating costs especially those caused by fraud. One such way to mitigate fraud is to become PCI compliant. Visa and Master Card have outlined practices which are specified on our website PCI compliance. Our information has been derived from PCI - DSS Standards Council. Please refer to our website to ensure you are making the necessary efforts to keep security up and losses down.

So let’s keep the next fiscal quarter healthy, safe and compliant. Please contact us for any PCI explanations at 888-888-8872 or at or just come on by. For detailed information: PCI - DSS Standards