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Thursday, April 21, 2011

Earth day... MSP Style: USBSI - Sustainability Central

We asked ourselves as a merchant services provider: How can we make and impact on sustainability? Well we have reviewed our needs, our merchant's, needs and the environments needs. Here is what we came up with as our current practice for shrinking our carbon footprint…stay tuned for more Sustainability Central. For more information or to see what USBSI is up to for responsible business practices, please visit our Facebook page. (Search ‘usbsi’ and you’ll find us; Disclaimer: Must have Facebook account to access USBSI FB page):

  1. Suppliers/Vendors
    1. Localized Vendor and Supply Chain to reduce production and transportation carbon footprint.
  2. Recycling
    1. Programs are to be designed to recycle the following materials frequently used within an office setting: Plastics, Glass, Aluminum, Paper, and Cardboard.
  3. Paper Usage
    1. Our Companies, Inc. employees shall make efforts to minimize the general use of office paper and makes an effort to digitize any initiatives, such as e-mail marketing instead of snail mail marketing.
  4. Environment
    1. Provide safe clean drinking water for all employees.
    2. Maintain a reasonably clean workspace for all employees.
  5. Electricity Usage
    1. Turn off all lights and electronics when not in use. Use motion sensor lights in commons areas such as bathrooms, meeting rooms and corridors.
    2. Install compact fluorescent, LED or other long burning light bulbs throughout offices.
    3. Use “Energy Star” rated office equipment or equivalent for all new equipment or appliances leased or purchased.
  6. Water Conservation
    1. Our Companies, Inc. employees shall make efforts to minimize the general use of potable water.
    2. Install low flow or waterless fixtures and motion sensor faucets when replacing used ones in company bathroom facilities.
    3. Install aerators or flow restrictors on all office sinks.
    4. Monitor and track monthly water usage for review to assure usage levels are meeting expected amounts.
  7. Transportation
    1. Support and provide incentives for the practice of carpooling, biking or the use of public transportation when commuting to and from work when possible.

If you have any ideas or recommendations you would like to share, please contact us at any time. Thanks!