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Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Holiday Rush Preparation

As we all gear up for holidays and gift giving, we also gear up for give purchasing and money spending. As Merchants prepare themselves for the holiday season, one cannot help but ask: Have merchants prepared their business for the Holiday Season? Let's see...Of course, following the PCI guidelines are a must (and a given), but what about everything else? A great way to get in the holiday spirit is to review the PCI guidelines []. Some things that you might want to consider: Are terminals out of possible traffic areas, are back up rolls or even back up terminals available (for example PAYware)? Have all entrances and exits being monitored and locked when necessary? Has a secured cash repository been set up inside the store? Have all promotional items and signage been placed to maximize viewership and purchase opportunities? Have you made sure that friends and family know when you are opening and when you are closing your establishment? Do they know when you are transferring money to the bank (there are many more safety tips to tell so 'tune in' soon for the continuing saga)? The idea here is to practice safety and security procedures and habits at your merchant location so that we could all have happy and safe holidays.