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Monday, May 24, 2010

Are you displaying your Visa and MasterCard signage?

Did you know that, as a merchant, you are required to display the Visa and/or MasterCard logo if you accept them? This is clearly defined is the rules for each card – the Visa Card Acceptance Guide and the MasterCard Rules. Merchants must display the Visa logo at the merchant location or on catalog, sale materials, or websites. Merchants must “…prominently display the MasterCard Acceptance Mark at the point of interaction…” and “The MasterCard Acceptance Mark must be clearly visible to the public at the point of interaction.” Did your sales rep make sure you had enough decals for your doors and/or windows? If not, call U.S. Bankcard Services today at 888-525-8558 and start working with a company that does everything it can to make sure you are fully compliant.