US Bankcard Services Industry Blog

Monday, March 29, 2010

U.S. Bankcard Services, Inc. (USBSI) is proud to be a participant in Elavon’s prestigious MSP Advisory Committee. Since April 2007, USBSI has been pleased to be of service to Elavon and our fellow Merchant Service Provider’s. Throughout our tenure, we have worked diligently to not only improve relations with our main business partner, but to create and implement procedures and projects that have been beneficial to all involved parties. Our influence and work has been integral to the process that is currently in place today which is a direct result of the entire committee and Elavon representatives sharing the same goals; to generate a sound and trustworthy environment in which every person can succeed if they choose to. The experience as a whole has been humbling, rewarding and very uplifting. We were even honored by being elected for an additional 1 year term after serving the maximum of 2 years. As all good things do, this too must come to an end. We find ourselves at the end of our final term this April and wish to express how much we’ve learned, how grateful we are for the experience and to thank everyone very much for placing their trust in us and electing us to be one of the select few that were appointed to speak on behalf of all the great Elavon MSP’s out there. It’s been fantastic!