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Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Save room and money with credit card imprinter from U.S. Bankcard Services

Did you know that for less than $50 and ½ square foot of space you could save your business an amount equivalent of 7.9 hours of income*? That’s the average time of a power outage here in California, and if you’re in an area that has more inclement weather than California, that number is probably higher. Do you own a restaurant? What happened the last time there was a power outage in your restaurant? How many people did you have to “comp” because they didn’t have any cash and your credit card machine or POS system was down along with everything else that’s electrically powered? Do you own a retail store? How may purchases did you miss out on when you had to close your doors because someone ran their car into the nearest utility pole? What I’m getting at is that every business owner should be in possession of a credit card imprinter and at least 2, 100 count packages of matching imprinter slips. Put it them a box and store it where it can be easily found and used. And, I know it sounds really simple, but make sure everyone that runs your register knows how to use it! Train every new cashier and even take them through a few test runs once or twice a year to make sure they don’t forget. If you ever lose electricity, don’t risk losing your income too!
Contact a U.S. Bankcard Services Representative today at 888-468-1155 to get yours now! *Source: J.D. Power and Associates Reports, 2009 Electric Utility Business Customer Satisfaction Study. Published Feb 21, 2008